1. Consultation & Design

Consultations are always free, so no pressure.

Consultation & design services are typically the first steps of the project process. This could be something as simple as our team making enhancement recommendations to your existing system. Or an elegant design for incorporating technology into your dream home blueprints.

Our initial consultation meeting is always free so there is no pressure. The meeting is simply an opportunity to get to know one another, gather information and share ideas. From there we will work closely with you and your professional team (e.g. builders, designers, etc.) to infuse technology into your lifestyle. The design will be clear and precise.

Our objective is to exceed expectations by creating a design that takes full advantage of what current technology has to offer.

2. Installation & Setup

Installing the components.

Installation & programming services are traditionally the second step in the process. This is the time where your dream starts to take shape and become a reality. Perhaps the project is installing a projector and surround sound in anticipation of having your first family movie night.

Or maybe the project is integrating technology into your brand new home while it is being built.  Once the house has been framed Perfect Solutions AV will pre-wire for audio, video, networking, etc., which will become the backbone of your system.  After the home is dry-walled our team will return to complete the trim phase of the project which includes but is not limited to speaker installation and adding cable and network jacks. Right before you move in we will return with your new components to install, calibrate and test them to ensure the system is performing up to our high standards. Don’t worry, we can install the turntable and speakers that you couldn’t do without during your college days!

Once all of the components are installed we move on to Programming. Pushing one button on the family room remote control in order to watch the new Disney movie in surround sound, or pressing a button on your master bedroom touch-pad that will turn off all your inside lights in the house and ensure the garage door is closed are both examples of what programming can achieve.  The objective is too make technology simple and reliable so that even Grandma or the babysitter are comfortable using the system.

3. Education & Support

Learn the “ins” and “outs” of your system.

Education & Support, who are we kidding, once you bought it you’re on your own right?

Maybe the above is true if you purchased from a company whose only concern is meeting quotas. However this is definitely not the Perfect Solutions AV way of creating relationships!  Our team will take the time to make sure that you are comfortable with all the “ins” and “outs” of your system.

We believe that educating you on how to use your system and the knowledge that we are there to provide support is the path to your ultimate enjoyment and our assurance that we have established a long-term relationship.

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