Multi Room Audio and Video Solutions in Cincinnati OH

Have the ability to have your music and video anywhere in your home.

Perfect Solutions AV’s whole house audio and video systems can give you the ability to have music and tv streaming into every room of your home. Whether you are having a party or just relaxing, we can help create the ambiance that you desire by playing your audio by the control your smartphone.

With the touch of a button, you can start playing music and tv in all of your rooms or just the one you are sitting in.

Throwing parties will become very easy and more entertaining with a whole house audio and video system. With your smartphone, you can set the volume accordingly for each room and adjust the video content.

Our multi-room home audio and video systems can be installed during new construction or can be retrofitted for existing homes. By allowing us to design and install a multi-room audio and video system, we can hide speakers in walls or ceilings and have all of the audio controllers hidden in a remote location of the home.

Multi-room audio and video with Control4

  • Indoor and Outdoor TVs
  • HiFi Speakers
  • Outdoor Speakers
  • Steam Music Services Anywhere
  • Stream Video Services in any room
  • Digital Receivers
  • TV Soundbars

Custom Audio Solutions that Uniquely Fit Your Home.

Since your life, family, house are unique, we will customize a solution to fit your lifestyle. Our whole house audio system is not a “one size fits all” solution; we tailor the system to you and your families needs.

Our multi-room audio systems are designed to give you unlimited control. Whether you want basic volume control or an advanced sound control menu for each room, our system is designed to meet your needs. We only use the best components to create your home audio system such as Control4 and Sonos.