Cincinnati's Home Theater Installers

The Ultimate Home Cinema Experience

For the ultimate in comfort and entertainment, a dedicated home theater is essential! With the advancements in digital audio and 4K/high definition video, you can now experience the realism of a local theater in your home.

Our home theater components can adapt to any space, whether you are building a new home, remodeling or completing an unfinished basement. We can also clean the family room by hiding the electronic components in closets and cabinets. The professionals at Perfect Solutions AV can help you create and enjoy an authentic theater experience that will surpass the best commercial cinemas.

What we offer for our home theater packages

  • 4K/High Definition projectors Projectors
  • Many options for speakers both sound and aesthetics
  • Acoustical Treatment
  • Automated Control Systems
  • Controlled Lighting
  • Dolby Atmos capable AV components
  • Theater Seating

Contact us for a in-home consultation

At every job site, our owner or installation manager will examine the job to ensure a quality installation. Our professional technicians will take their time to install, configure and calibrate all of your audio and video equipment.

Perfect Solutions AV can take your home theater to the next level with our high-end amplifiers, 4K/high definition projectors, high-resolution televisions, wall speakers, acoustical treatment, seating, digital media management and automated control systems. Once your home theater is installed, you will feel like you have stepped foot into a commercial theater. Perfect Solutions AV is Cincinnati’s choice for custom home theater and AV installation.